Fair Trade Certified Refined Organic Shea Butter 1lb


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Shea Butter: creamy, smooth, hydrating, protecting. Shea Butter is ubiquitous in skincare; synonymous with luxurious hydration. This holy grail ingredient is not only high in nutrients Vitamin E and A- it is full of essential fatty acids needed to achieve healthy skin. Because of its natural ability to moisturize, protect, and nourish, shea butter holds one of the top spots in the natural beauty world as an all-time favorite skin savior.

Refined Shea butter is physically extracted from the shea nuts, but goes through an additional step in the refinement process.  Maker and Merchant’s Refined Shea butter undergoes a non-chemical processing step that results in a white and deodorized material while maintaining the essential fatty acids and nutrients. The resulting Shea product is stable, consistent, low odor, and uniform in color. This non-chemical processing step does not introduce harmful additives like hexane and does not strip the Shea butter from its valuable nutrients.  Cosmetics formulators that require absolute uniform shea butter will often prefer their shea butter refined to ensure uniformity from batch to batch.

Both of Maker and Merchant’s Shea Butters are Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA, ensuring a level of quality is delivered and sustainable practices are in place.

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