what is maker + merchant?

After a lifetime of battling skin issues exacerbated by store-bought beauty products, Maker + Merchant was born. We offer a curated collection of plant-derived skincare products and ingredients for natural beauty lovers. Whatever you make, know that you’ll make good with Mother Nature.

why diy my skincare products?

Many common chemicals in skincare don’t just take their toll on the environment – they’re bad for our body’s ecosystem, too. With a range of organic skincare, we’re helping put an end to unnatural nasties.

can i buy maker + merchant in any stores?

While we want the whole world to embrace holistic skincare, we’re growing our business organically. Right now, we only sell direct to customers. If you have suggestions of a business we should partner with, drop us a line at hello@makerandmerchant.com or visit our wholesale sign up form here.

where are maker + merchant ingredients sourced?

From Washington State to Peru, Spain to Italy, we scour the planet for products that won’t harm it, or any of its creatures. No test bunnies here. Everything we source is organic, natural, + cruelty-free. 

where does my order ship from?

Maker & Merchant is based outside of Chicago, IL and ships to all 50 states. We’re changing the face of beauty, one plant-based order at a time.  

what certifications do maker + merchant products have?

We’re committed to ‘clean beauty’ and sustainable practices. That’s why we’re Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free – we don’t test on animals, ever. And we’re Fair Trade-certified, helping workers, their families and global citizens build strong communities, and protect the planet. Additionally, our products are Organic Certified whenever possible. 

what if i can't find the product i'm looking for on maker + merchant's site?

We’re always adding new products and product sizes to our lineup. We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to see next. Get in touch with any requests and suggestions (or spiritual epiphanies) at hello@makerandmerchant.com

how sustainable is maker + merchant?

Sustainability isn’t a fad. Our philosophy of making good with Mother Nature informs all we do. That starts with sourcing high-quality ingredients that fit in with a clean beauty lifestyle – no synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens or fillers (#nofiller). And we’re going one better, donating 1% of our profits to improving six core aspects of our environment: climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife as part of One Percent for the Planet. 

what if i want to sample your products before buying?

We sell smaller sizes of our products to help you get started – our kits [insert link] are packed with four key ingredients and our top tips. Outside of that, we don’t currently offer ‘sample’ sizes.

how can i stay up to date on new product releases and maker + merchant skincare recipes?

You can follow us on Pinterest or Instagram or sign up for email updates. Our newsletter, Good Natured, is your go-to for everything going on (and growing) in plant-based, natural, holistic skincare. You’ll find inspiration and ingredients for recipes you can create with Maker + Merchant products, plus wellness tips, DIYs, and more. <Insert Link to sign up: Email Plz>. 

when will my order ship?

We do our very best to ensure products are shipped in 1-3 business days. We can hurry our couriers, but not Mother Nature.