comfort for the skin you are in.

Maker + Merchant founder Lauren Ernst is a long-time clean beauty fanatic, after suffering lifelong battles with eczema, sensitive skin, and allergies.  At an early age, she started looking into the contents of the beauty products she was using to better deal with her skin sensitivities. So began a new obsession with uncovering the unnatural nasties hiding in lots of store-bought products. She was determined to find natural, holistic remedies – free of harsh ingredients and synthetic fragrances. The shift away from chemical-laden products was a positive one that encouraged Lauren to find more alternatives that would help herself, and others. A constant student, Lauren’s background includes studies in Bioregional Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Organic skincare formulation, and Ayurveda.

Lauren is an all-round nature-lover, so when we say ‘take a leaf out of her book’, we mean it. Literally. She delved into plant-based remedies more than 15 years ago, and hasn’t turned back. With frequent requests from family and friends for her remarkable treatments – and a desire to make holistic ingredients accessible to all – Lauren launched Maker + Merchant in 2018. Her goal: empowering people to take skin health into their own hands, and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Offering organic, plant-derived ingredients for natural beauty products, Maker + Merchant is the go-to for modern makers creating effective skincare while making good with Mother Nature.