just clear jojoba oil

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cleopatra's secret? clearly it's jojoba.

Ingredient: Organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

work natural miracles.

• Cold-pressed (read: no chemical nasties) from the jojoba seed, then filtered.
• The purest form of jojoba known to man, and woman.
• Completely clear, no scent, and extra long shelf life = hello versatility.

go forth and make good.

Goodbye greasy. Jojoba oil absorbs quickly and is good for those who tend to be oiler. Technically a way, it's protective for the skin. Use it from the bottle on the face, hair, skin or in all kinds of creations.

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no nonsense.

A drop of inspiration. Found in: Recipes

no nonsense lip salve

Everything dry lips need, nothing they don't. 

You Will Need:

stir the senses.

  • Lightweight

  • All Skin Types

  • Good For Hair

make good with:

plant stuff, pure ingredients, clean packaging, a cleaner conscience, healthy glow(s), ancient remedies, inspiration/spiritual epiphanies included, Birkenstock friendly, fair trade faithful. 

do good without:

test bunnies, ugly backstories, uglier supply chains, GMOs, evil CEOs, #nofiller/additives, unpronounceable fragrances, parabens, palm oil, 100% free from lies.