just himalayan pink salt - fine grain

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energize. re-mineralize.

Ingredient: Himalayan Salt.

work natural miracles.

• Chock-full of 80 essential trace minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and copper. 
• Rich in color from ivory to deep pink, lending a beautiful touch to any recipe.
• Eases muscular aches and pains, reduces stiffness (and probably stress).

go forth and make good.

With a sand-like grain, Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect for exfoliating products. Drawing out toxins, it balances moisture content to improve circulation, re-energize, and re-mineralize the skin.

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no nonsense.

A drop of inspiration. Found in: Recipes

full body scrub

Exfoliating is not only beneficial for sloughing dry, flaky skin but it’s also great to boost lymph drainage and circulation. Once a week, we like to set aside some time for a deep exfoliation to increase radiance and get our blood circulating. Fortunately, salt scrubs could not be easier to make and there are countless variations depending on your mood! Our basic recipe is below, but we encourage you to change up oils, herbs, and even the salts to suit your skin and mood. 

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stir the senses.

  • Multipurpose

  • DIY Friendly

  • Soothing

make good with:

plant stuff, pure ingredients, clean packaging, a cleaner conscience, healthy glow(s), ancient remedies, inspiration/spiritual epiphanies included, Birkenstock friendly, fair trade faithful. 

do good without:

test bunnies, ugly backstories, uglier supply chains, GMOs, evil CEOs, #nofiller/additives, unpronounceable fragrances, parabens, palm oil, 100% free from lies.