just clear jojoba oil

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cleopatra's secret? clearly it's jojoba.

Ingredient: Organic Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

work natural miracles.

• Cold-pressed (read: no chemical nasties) from the jojoba seed, then filtered.
• The purest form of jojoba known to man, and woman.
• Completely clear, no scent, and extra long shelf life = hello versatility.

skin feel.

Goodbye greasy. Jojoba oil absorbs quickly and is good for those who tend towards combination skin. Technically a way, it's protective for the skin. 

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no nonsense.

Suggested Rituals.


Invitations for Use: Warm several drops of Just Jojoba Oil in your palms and massage or gently press into the skin until absorbed. Best used after several mists of our organic hydrosols or on still damp skin post- bathing. 

When: Use day +/or night after cleansing, or anytime you need a boost of moisture. Also beautiful as your every day oil cleanse. 

A Drop of Inspiration: See our guide to abhyanga for more rituals.   

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stir the senses.

  • Lightweight

  • All Skin Types

  • Good For Hair

make good with:

plant stuff, pure ingredients, clean packaging, a cleaner conscience, healthy glow(s), ancient remedies, inspiration/spiritual epiphanies included, Birkenstock friendly, fair trade faithful. 

do good without:

test bunnies, ugly backstories, uglier supply chains, GMOs, evil CEOs, #nofiller/additives, unpronounceable fragrances, parabens, palm oil, 100% free from lies.