Fair Trade Certified Organic Deodorized Cocoa Butter Wafers 1lb


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Maker and Merchant's Deodorized Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers are excellent for your handmade skincare recipes! Use Cocoa Butter for everything from lotions, to salves, deodorants, soaps and more.

Maker and Merchant's Cocoa Butter Wafers are easy to melt, with a typical melting point ranging from 88-95 degrees Fahrenheit.  After being extracted from the cacao bean, the cocoa butter is deodorized to reduce the strong natural chocolate aroma. This results in cocoa butter with a milder scent than natural cocoa butter. Maker and Merchant's deodorized Cocoa Butter Wafers will still have a chocolate aroma, but it does not smell as powerful and will have less of an impact on the formulated end product.

Maker and Merchant's Cocoa Butter Wafers are Organic and Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA, ensuring a level of quality is delivered and sustainable practices are in place.

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