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use liberally, not gingerly.

Ingredient: Organic Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Hydrosol

work natural miracles.

• Distilled in the United States from organic ginger root (aka real plant stuff).
• Ginger is a key ingredient in Ayurveda and prized for its myriad of medicinal uses.
• Freshen up the face and body, or even linens - it's the mainstay with staying power.

go forth and make good.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-acne, our Ginger Hydrosol is pro-wellness. Use it as a toner, a zesty face and body mist, or blend it with other hydrosols to create your own bespoke scent.

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no nonsense.

A drop of inspiration. Found in: Recipes

deeply detoxifying face + décolletage mask

You will want to mix this mask right before using it on a weekly basis. Scale the recipe up or down depending on where you plan to apply it. For example, if you’re planning to apply to just the face, you’ll need less mask than the face, neck, chest + back. This also makes a great spot treatment for problem areas.

You Will Need:

stir the senses.

  • Uplifting

  • Energizing

  • Anti-Inflammatory

make good with:

plant stuff, pure ingredients, clean packaging, a cleaner conscience, healthy glow(s), ancient remedies, inspiration/spiritual epiphanies included, Birkenstock friendly, fair trade faithful. 

do good without:

test bunnies, ugly backstories, uglier supply chains, GMOs, evil CEOs, #nofiller/additives, unpronounceable fragrances, parabens, palm oil, 100% free from lies.