slow beauty // full brow elixir

Thick brows and lashes are a big industry right now and with a few ingredients at home, you can make a brow elixir that rivals something bought at your favorite beauty retailer. For healthy, lustrous and thick brows and lashes, we’ve paired a few low-risk, hair-enhancing ingredients in our Full Brow Elixir. 

Castor Oil has been around for thousands of years and has been used by humans as a remedy for hundreds. Cleopatra even stocked it in her beauty arsenal - and she was on to something. Argan Oil is another powerhouse favorite for infusing hair with lightweight moisture and nutrients. Combined together, we have a nongreasy, easily absorbed elixir that is safe to use daily. 



  • 4 oz glass bottle (for storing your Elixir)
  • Dropper top or applicator of choice
  • Small funnel
  • Clean bowl
  • Stirring rod or spoon for mixing


Measure out the oils into your clean bowl and then stir with a stirring rod to fully incorporate your oils. Place your small funnel in the neck of your 4 oz bottle and fill. Don’t fill any higher than the bottom of the bottle neck, otherwise, you won’t get your dropped lid on without overflowing!

Place your lid on and gently shake to make sure your own is fully incorporated. Apply as your last step in your nightly skincare routine with your dropper, or even a cotton swab. 

As always, please be very careful with putting anything in or near your eyes. Be gentle and note: this is not a recipe to add essential oils to. 

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.