make good// nourishing face cream

Inspired by Rosemary Gladstar’s Famous Face Cream for her book Medicinal Herbs.  

Yields Approx (4) 4 oz Face Creams

This beautifully rich cream can be used for face and body- or wherever skin is calling for an extra dose of hydration. Get creative and experiment with different hydrosols based on your skin’s needs. 



  • Double Boiler
  • Blender
  • Two bowls; 1 needs to be blender safe
  • Jars for your final product


  • Combine oils, butters and wax into a bowl and gently heat until the ingredients are completely melted. The double boiler method is good for this! 
  •  Move to a blender safe bowl, cover, and allow to cool and firm up. This will usually take several hours. Place in the fridge to speed up the process.
  • In a separate bowl, combine the hydrosol, Aloe Vera and (optional) essential oil.
  • Turn on your blender. Slowly combine the water into the oil mixture while simultaneously blending. 
  •  Once the water and the oil mixture has been completely combined and the recipe is thick and creamy, you are ready to scoop your face cream into small jars.  

    Make Good Tip: This recipe does not contain a preservative. For the longest shelf life keep your jar in the refrigerator. If you plan to sell your product, stability testing is recommended.