make good// lauren's remedy balm


Makes 490g (approximately 16oz)

Essential Oil (Optional)

  1. Measure Cocoa Butter Wafers + Shea Butter and melt together in a double boiler over low heat
  2. Once fully melted, remove your melted butters from heat and incorporate Sweet Almond Oil. Stir to evenly combine all of your ingredients.
  3. If using, add your essential oil(s) and Vitamin E once your blend has slightly cooled. Stir to evenly incorporate.
  4. Pour into container(s) of choice. We like to use 4 oz glass jars with a screw-on lid but tins also work well!
  5. Allow your balm to fully cool and solidify before use, about 24 hours.

Use this balm for any areas needing extra rich skin protection. Pro tip: Swap out the sweet almond oil for an infused oil for an extra dose of plant-based goodness!