make good// herbal silky powder

This herbal silky powder is a talc-free, natural alternative to baby powder. Arrowroot is the star of the show in this recipe as it is a naturally absorbent ingredient that is perfect match for perspiration. There are lots of way to customize your homemade herbal powder- use the recipe below to get started and get creative with your herbs! 

Just keep in mind that you’ll want to work with very fine powders and avoid graininess. A spice grinder could come in handy if you are working with whole herbs.


Makes about 50g


  • Spice Grinder (optional, if needed)
  • Two bowls, one large and one small
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Container for storage (we recommend a container with a controlled dispensing top)


Blend your liquid ingredients in your small bowl and set aside. Blitz any herbs or powders that are not already finely milled in the spice grinder. Continue to blend until they reach the desired consistency- remember, we want very fine powders as any graininess will not be very pleasant . 

Combine all of your dry ingredients in your large mixing bowl and stir to combine. Next add your liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients. You may get some small clumps as the liquid ingredients saturate the dry powder. Keep stirring until it is fully dispersed. If you are noticing some persistent clumps, transfer to your spice grinder for another quick blend. 

Apply after a shower, the gym, or anytime you want to add a dose of silkiness to the skin. 

Package up your powder! It may be helpful to use a spout or funnel to move the powder for the bowl to your container of choice!