deeply detoxifying face + décolletage mask

Makes one mask. You will want to mix this mask right before using it on a weekly basis. Scale the recipe up or down depending on where you plan to apply it. For example, if you’re planning to apply to just the face, you’ll need less mask than the face, neck, chest + back. This also makes a great spot treatment for problem areas. Use the below recipe and instructions as a guide but feel free to swap in and out ingredients of your choosing. 



  • Ceramic bowl for mixing
  • Spoon or chopstick for stirring
  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting a little messy 
  • Optional: face brush for applying your mask


Blend the first three ingredients in a small bowl until the clay has absorbed the liquid and is a smooth consistency. Next, fully incorporate the honey into the rest of the mask ingredients and stir until smooth. Adjust consistency if necessary; more clay or honey will make a thicker mask, while more hydrosol or oil will make a thinner mask. 

Apply to your skin and allow the mask to work for 15-20 mins, shorter if you’re particularly dry and/or sensitive. If the mask is getting very dry, mist with your hydrosol. Clay can be very drawing on the skin and keeping it moist will help it from drying the skin too much. Gently remove with warm water and a cloth. Pat dry, then follow with more jojoba oil to lock in moisture while the skin is still damp.